Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dream Heal's living room | The Small Desk

I've held off writing a post about Heal's, even though they are one of my favourite homeware and furniture stores, mainly because of the prices. I didn't want to alienate any readers. The reason I have decided to write a post on them is because I am addicted to interiors and Heal's are, and always have been, leading the way when it comes to interior design. I also noticed that the cushion prices are affordable, and they are an easy way of getting a touch of the chic Heal's brand into your home. Like Liberty of London, Heal's is part of British culture and even a scatter cushion from the store will impress your guests.

Heal's have been selling furniture since 1810, the same year Sweden declared war on the United Kingdom, luckily this war was short-lived with Sweden seeking peace in 1812, and becoming arguably the most influential countries when it comes to furniture design. Although an English brand, Heal's still references Sweden and the surrounding countries as a way to sell its products, for example the Novak dining table pictured above is described as having a 'clean Scandinavian look'. The dream living room look I have put together blends together very classic British designs with more mid-century Scandinavian inspired pieces.

The cushions and sofa are the British half of my dream living room. The 1810 Cushion, which is the cushion with a tree design, is named after the year Heal's was born, and by British textile designer Cressida Bell. Interestingly Bell is also known for cake decorating skills and has some really impressive designs on her website. I particularly like the design of this cushion as it reminds me of a Scandinavian forest with the colours used so often by textile legend William Morris. The Mohair cushion looks like it could be straight out of a Scottish cabin in the Highlands. Both these cushions would compliment the beautiful shade of green in the tufted sofa, which looks like it has a good depth to it. The sideboard is by another classic British brand, Ercol, and has the right balance between being able to have objects on show and having cupboard space to hide your junk or unsightly items.

Finally, you may be wondering why I have added a table and chair to a dream living room but nowadays so many people's living rooms are open plan and merge with their dining rooms that I added it in. Plus, I am obsessed with round dining tables and this is the most beautiful example of any that I have seen. The table and chair are great mid-century-style pieces. To balance out the darkness of the wood I would add the bright Hexa rug underneath the table. The shape of the rug would create a nice juxtaposition against the round table. Do let me know what your favourite pieces are and if you'll be taking a browse at their scatter cushions!

Mistral Medium Sofa, £1,895
Natural Multi Mohair Cushion, £45
Ercol Svelto Storage Cabinet, £1,535
Novak Dining Chair, £395

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