Saturday, 27 December 2014

Boxing Day Walk | The Small Desk

Welcome back to normality! Christmas is over and we're all getting fat, so what better way to start burning off those Quality Street than to go for a Boxing Day walk! My family are keen walkers so it is not out of the norm for us to go on a walk. This time I thought I would take my good camera and get some shots to share with you. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great, the sky was actually completely white, it's not just my photography skills! We walked from Ham to Richmond along the River Thames and stopped off for a cup of tea and cake along the way. I would love to know what you got up to over Christmas and what your plans are for New Year's Eve. Please tell me in the comments! I'm planning on writing a Review and Resolutions post next to sum up 2014 and look to 2015, so watch this space. If you're not already following me on Bloglovin' please do here. Thank you.



  1. Alice (always had a penchant for your name by the way haha) - I've loved finding your blog:) It's always been a family tradition of mine to go for a walk on both Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day - I suppose the calm and sense of reflection it brings are comforting in such a hectic period. Everything looks so still and quiet in the shots, though the cafe at the end looks so homely! Lauryn xo

    Lauryn | Lauryn's Notebook

    1. Hi Lauryn, thanks for stopping by! That cafe is so homely, I've been going there since I was 15! That was 11 years ago, cringe! Thanks for reading x

    2. Oh dear, does that mean I'll look back with cringe in 11 years? Haha. Where is it?:)

    3. Haha, nah I just meant, I can't believe being 15 was so long ago for me! It's crazy how fast time goes! It's in Richmond believe it or not, just by the river.


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