Sunday, 23 November 2014

Winter fitness goals

As you all know I recently went on a 3 week trip to Australia. Out there everyone is so much more active than here in the UK. The last time I really got into exercise was when I was working towards doing the 10k Race for Life, and that was back in July! Therefore in order to motivate myself into being more active I need to set myself some winter fitness goals. These are the four sports I want to do more of this winter:

I swam in the sea and in various outdoor pools when I was in Aus, but back in the UK we're not quite so fortunate with the weather. However I have been swimming in my local swimming baths today!

I found myself a very comfortable and modest swimming costume:
Women's Essential Endurance Legsuit, Speedo, £31

I still need to get some goggles and a specific swimming towel. Thinking about getting one of these:
Classic lightweight towels, Swimming towel, Soak and Sleep, £15

Winter walks
As long as you wrap up and have the right footwear winter walks can be really enjoyable! I need to get a rain mac, possibly a fleece too, but I already have walking boots.

I'm liking this one, especially liking the price:
Corinne Jacket, Regatta, £40

Ice skating
I love going to the ice rink in Somerset House, and at £8.80 for an adult ticket it's not too expensive. It's really easy to get to for me as I work in the area, but there are lots of ice rinks across the UK. It's a great way to spend time with friends and exercise!

Whether or not this will happen, I'm not sure! Currently I don't have a bike, but I really want to get one as I used to cycle quite a bit and do really enjoy it (as long as there are no hills!). The reason it might not happen is because the bike I like is £325...
Lithium One 2015 Women's Hybrid Bike, Pinnacle, £325

Anyway, I hope this has inspired you to start exercising and shown you that it doesn't matter that the weather isn't great! Let me know what you do to stay fit in winter/would like to do!


  1. Walking is my favourite form of exercise! I do enjoy running to, but I'm a bit of a newbie at that and haven't quite got the best routine yet. I'm determined to work on it :)

    1. Me too! I used to run, as I said, for the 10k, but it is such an EFFORT! Also trying to find good places to run is hard! Thanks for reading!


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