Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Other places to consume news than the sidebar of the Daily Mail

Let me begin this article by admitting that I do sometimes browse the 'sidebar of shame' on the Daily Mail, however recently I have been trying to push myself to stop reading it and read more widely about the world. I am not arguing that some websites are better than others but purely offering other options.

Whilst researching for this article I stumbled upon an old Guardian article entitled 'News is bad for you', it claimed that the news leads to fear and aggression and hinders your ability to be creative and think deeply. I agree, that for me, the mainstream news does make me anxious and fearful, but the point of this article is to remind you that it also only focuses on a few particular stories.

Think about it, there are an estimated 7.1 billion people in the world, do you really think we'd ever be able to cover every 'newsworthy' story in just one newspaper or in a half an hour TV slot? Therefore I thought it might be useful to share with you some news sites and programmes that might still be considered targeted at a 'mainstream' audience, but that cover a wider range of topics. This way you can find the news that interests you and hopefully be less fearful and more creative with the news you consume.

BBC World Service
This is where people tune into the news all around the world, it broadcasts in 28 languages and is the leading international radio station. You hear what is heard around the world by a huge diversity of people.

New Scientist
The news doesn't always have to be about what is happening right now, it can look back at events and learn from them, for example the New Scientist looked at how floods in Peru from 17 years ago have stunted the growth of Peruvian children.

National Geographic
The rare Black Sea Devil has been caught on video for the first time... and you can watch the video, but the interesting thing is that the National Geographic does also report on humans, such as environmental crime fugitives.

This is where most news sites get their news from, so get there first!

The 'world' section of this website is excellent, but most of all it is the photographs that bring me back here. Time has been known for its photography forever and it still presents you with some of the best in the world.

VICE News on YouTube
BBC has 312,000+ subscribers on YouTube, VICE has 1million+ subscribers... These are longer, more documentary style news bulletins, and highly refreshing.

Whenever I'm away in a different country I always try to watch that country's news and think about it in comparison to the UK's. It is fascinating how everyone consumes news differently, and it is so important to stop and think once in a while how we are ourselves are consuming the news.

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