Sunday, 30 November 2014

November favourites 2014 | The Small Desk

1. Sorting through Australia photos
It's always pretty depressing coming back from holiday and getting back to the real world and this is partly why I decided to do this post, so that I could feel more positive about coming back from Australia. One of my favourite things this month does still relate to my trip and that is sorting through and editing all the photos. Apart from spending quality time with my boyfriend and learning about a new country, the thing I enjoy most about going away is all the photography opportunities. I managed to edit the photos down from 1,300 to 400! Not too bad I don't think! I've got them printed, now all I need to do is find some photo albums that are big enough for 400 photos! Suggestions in the comments please!

2. Job becoming stable
For the past two years I have had huge insecurity at my job. I was actually made redundant and then re-hired. It's been a massive struggle to stay positive about the job, deciding what risks to take with money and then considering whether to leave or not. However last week we got funding for a massive project and I have been put back onto a permanent contract. I can't tell you what a relief it is! I literally could have been made redundant again just before Christmas, but thankfully the stars aligned in my favour!

3. Swimming with my Mum
I recently wrote a post about winter fitness and one of my main goals was to go swimming more. I have now been more and am really enjoying it. The thing I like most about it is spending quality time with my Mum and seeing her enjoy it as much as me. The other day I went and it was only £1 because of the time of day we went. Made my day!

4. Who are you? exhibition by Grayson Perry at the National Portrait Gallery, London
This FREE exhibition is one of the most inventive examples of curating I have seen in a long time. Public museums and galleries are always trying to get people to see their permanent collection and this exhibition cleverly tricks people into doing exactly that. The exhibition comes with a map and the pieces are dotted around the first floor of the NPG. The pieces hang next to some of the best portraits in the gallery, which at the same time completely contextualises the work. For example a portrait of Rylan Clark from the X-factor sits in a case amongst portraits of the aristocracy.

5. Reuniting with old friends
Recently my old friend from University moved down to London, and along with another friend from Uni who also lives in London, we went out for a couple of drinks after work. It felt just like old times and being back at Uni. I had such a great time at Uni, I'll never forget it. I also caught up with an old work colleague and some other work friends. It was so nice to hang out with work people as friends.

6. Walking in the North Downs
When I got back from Australia one of the main things I wanted to do was to get out of London more and into the countryside. I wanted to remember that looking at the beauty of nature is one of the most fulfilling things in life. Recently I went on a long walk with my Dad in the North Downs, we walked for over two hours through muddy fields, past some donkeys and saw some 'chocolate box' views.

7. Jeremy Deller talk at the National Portrait Gallery, London
Deller is one of my favourite artists of all time. He doesn't actually craft the work, for example he doesn't paint the paintings he shows but he comes up with ideas and the concept and curates the shows. I was lucky enough to attend his talk at the NPG where he compared William Morris's work with Andy Warhol. He is a brilliant speaker, thoroughly engaging and very creative. I am really hoping to go to his new show in Oxford and his current show in Margate. Maybe I'll have a Jeremy Deller day out!

8. Blog rebrand
This was a major goal of mine for this month and it finally happened! I'm very pleased with the result and am excited about the future of this blog. If you are a new reader this blog used to be called Brown Paper Roses but I decided to change the name to fit with the type of blog. I felt Brown Paper Roses was more orientated to a beauty or fashion blog, which primarily, this blog isn't.

9. Birthday parties
I have been to a couple of my good friends' birthday parties this month. I love a good birthday party and it's a good excuse to get everyone together, relax and eat and drink whatever you want!

10. Watching the Bastard of Billingsgate
There is a series on BBC Two at the moment called World Food Markets. The last in the series is on tonight at 9pm. They have taken the 'Bastard of Billingsgate' to food markets around the world, give him some start up cash and see how he copes in other markets. For those of you who don't know, Billingsgate is a fish market in London and the 'Bastard' has made his millions there from being, well, a Bastard! It's a really enjoyable programme where you actually end up feeling sorry for him!
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  1. The post holiday blues are such a terrible thing, but I enjoy looking back through the photos to think about the exciting times. That's great news about the job though! The stars must really love you at the moment :)

    1. Thank you :) am very happy! Still haven't managed to get the photos into an album yet, there are just too many! x

  2. I am so with you on post holiday blues and sorting through photos. It's been since the middle of October when I went away and I'm still sorting through photos and doing blog posts ... haa!

    Congratulations on becoming more secure at your job! No better time than before Christmas to get that good news.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Thank you! Yeah, got back at the end of October and am still looking for a big enough photo album! x


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