Sunday, 9 November 2014

Long haul flights: ten things you should know

You have reached your destination

As you may or may not know from reading my previous posts I have recently been on a trip to Australia. I have also previously been to New Zealand and therefore feel I have some advice to share with you in regards to long haul flights. It should be an entertaining read for you even if you're not about to hop onboard a 20 hour flight!

1. It is impossible to open emergency exits whilst in the air
I have not written this point thinking some of you may want to do this but for those of you are worried about someone trying to do this! Recently there was a story about a Vietnam Airlines passenger who tried to open the emergency exit during the flight. This is the nightmare situation whilst on a long haul flight but fortunately the story reported that it is impossible to open the emergency exit door in flight as the pressure difference keeps the door sealed. 

2. You can complain if someone's feet smell
During my recent flight back from Sydney I was woken up by the smell of someone's feet! Then later on in the journey I couldn't sleep because of the smell of someone's feet! I have never smelt such a pungent smell! When we arrived back in London I told my mum and she said air hostesses will deal with this. They can simply ask the offender to put their shoes back on. Simple, but hopefully it will help you and others sleep!

3. It is better to have an aisle seat than a window seat
The window seat is so often the most desired seat on a plane, however on a long haul flight this is not the case. Think about it: you're 6 hours into a 14 hour flight and the two people sitting next to you are asleep, fast asleep, blanket covering them, eye mask on, and you need to go to the loo. What do you do? Climb, that is what you do, stand on the armrests and climb over them. Now do you want an aisle seat?!

4. Your nose can get very blocked
Basically don't be afraid to make a trip to the bathroom just to clear your nose or take some nasal spray. Need I say more?!

5. There is not much more leg room than a short haul flight, barely noticeable in fact
Again, another reason for an aisle seat. You would expect there to be more leg room but once someone has put their seat back you've lost any extra space you had. Thankfully when you are served a meal the air hostesses ask everyone to put their seats back up. Basically, don't worry about putting your seat back, everyone does it on those flights.

6. Going to the toilet in your socks in totally acceptable even though it sounds gross you won't care
Remember how I said about climbing over people to get to the toilet? Would you prefer to do that in socks or shoes?

7. You will experience turbulence
I haven't been on a long haul flight where we haven't had turbulence. Just think of it like a rough patch of sea as if you were on a boat...

8. Take a neck pillow, an eye mask, and FLIGHT SOCKS
The neck pillow looks uncomfortable but trust me it helps to stop your neck from cramping. Even when the lights are turned off in the cabin people still have the option to turn on a reading light above them. To avoid this annoying the hell out of you, take an eye mask! Finally, one of the biggest risks of a long haul flight is DVT, so take flight socks and wear them!

9. If you have a stopover in your flight it might say it is 2 hours but somehow the time disappears, go to your gate as soon as you land!
When I went to New Zealand the stopover seemed to be quite long, I even remember having time to go and get a drink and something to eat, however when we stopped over in Dubai on the way to Oz we seemed to only just have time to go to the toilet!

10. Take currency for the country that you stopover in, even if it is just £20
This is something I hadn't even thought of on my first long haul flight and had to pay on card, thus incurring charges.

Of course anything negative I have said in this post is of course balanced out by the fact that after the flight you reach your dream destination and everything is worth it! Plus, really it's not that bad! Would you add any tips to this list, what are your long haul essentials?


  1. My shoes come off the second I get on the plane, I hate wearing shoes so spend the majority of long haul journeys shuffling around in my socks. I hope my feet don't smell! ha! x

    1. Haha, I think people must know if their feet smell, maybe not!?

  2. I'm a window-seat person. Gives me something to lean against plus i'm a bit funny about all the people brushing past me if i'm sat in the aisle.

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. True true, I was loving leaning on the window on the way back!


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