Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas homeware

The homeware posts are back and what better way to bring them back with a Christmas theme! I have purposely not included Christmas tree decorations or wreaths, as I wanted to focus on additional pieces you could add to your home other than the normal decorations. Some of these I think you could actually make yourself if you wanted to be cost effective, such as the paper chains and the window stickers. I love to decorate my little flat with all things Christmas including lanterns, little ornaments and signs. We have a sign that says 'Alice and Tom's first Christmas' from the boyf's mum and I love to bring that out every year, although despite being together for nearly seven years we still have yet to spend Christmas together! As we live away from our families it is important to us both to spend Christmas with our families and we are unable to compromise! Maybe when we've been together eight years... unlikely! Anyway, enough with the ramble, let's get on to why I chose these nine Christmas homeware items, how much they cost and where you can get them.

1. Midwinter streets window stickers, Cox and Cox, £9.50
These would be nice to stick on your windows if you are hosting a Christmas party, it could signal to your guests that they've found the right house! Winter street scenes are my favourite at this time of year, I'm obsessed with the Nutcracker and they remind me of this ballet.

2. Pre lit village scene, John Lewis, £25
Now I think you might have to have quite a big mantelpiece for this piece or put it as the centrepiece on your Christmas table. I like the intricacy of the woodwork, it is something I imagine in a Swedish or Norwegian home.

3. Red and grey woodland blanket, Not on the High Street, £59
This could be thrown over an armchair for decoration and obviously used as a comfort blanket when it is bleak outside.

4. Monty and Mabel PVC tablecloth fabric, John Lewis, £12 per metre
How could I not include Monty and Mabel?! I always tend to stick to red and white decorations at Christmas but I think I should try something a bit different this year and add a bit of blue to the colour scheme. Crazy times!

5. Paper chains, Selfridges, £5.95
I added these paper chains to the list as not only are they relatively cheap but you could easily make these yourself with old wrapping paper.

6. Christmas stag fair isle red cushion, Not on the High Street, £14.95
Cushions are always my favourite way to accessorise in the home and this classic red and white stag cushion is perfect for giving your sofa that festive feel.

7. Scandi houses advent, John Lewis, £40
I know, £40 for an advent calendar is excessive, but I love it and perhaps next year I might buy it as an heirloom piece... can it be justified then?! I don't even have any heirs, oh god... let's move on!

8. Good Nature soy holiday candle, Anthropologie, £14
Yey! A soy candle! If you don't know why I'm excited about this, read my post on candles. I'm surprised how well priced this candle is for Anthropologie and it has two wicks! This will probably be on my mantelpiece this Christmas.

9. Bisque ceramic snowflake candle, Selfridges, £6.95
Classic white decorations are nice to break up the reds and the greens and add a sophisticated touch to your home.

Let me know what your favourite pieces are and how you are going to decorate your bedroom or home for Christmas this year.

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