Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Eight reasons to love Autumn

1. No more sun stroke or sun burn
This is one for you pale skin girls out there! Even in the UK heat I managed to get burnt several times this summer. In previous summers I have had sun stroke and am now always trying to avoid getting it again as it is horrendous. Bring on the crisp cold days!

2. Layering clothes
Clothes in summer are rubbish, everyone knows that, we can have much more fun with fashion in Autumn, layering and accessorising. Is it just me or do you avoid wearing too much jewellery in the summer, especially rings? I find they always stick to me, and I end up taking them off and storing them in my purse! Why not layer your jewellery this Autumn?

3. Hot food at lunch
The best thing to have in the Autumn is the classic jacket potato. I like mine with margarine, hoops and a bit of cheddar cheese plus a side salad. Mmmmm... mmm...

4. Colour of the leaves
They are so beautiful and obviously this is the only time of year you will see the leaves this rich orangey-red colour. Take the time to take photos of them, or collect them and make a collage.

5. Build up to Christmas 
I would say Autumn starts in October, so only 2 MONTHS TO CHRISTMAS! This time of year is when the shopping centres start to put out their Christmas lines, I cannot wait to visit the Christmas section of Liberty.

6. Not feeling guilty for staying inside
When you look outside and it's raining you cannot tell me you haven't felt slightly smug thinking it's not the right weather for exercise.

7. Having a blanket on the sofa
Snuggling up on the sofa watching the TV or catching up on YouTube with a blanket, slippers and dressing down, what more do you want?!

8. Halloween?
I wasn't sure whether to add Halloween to this list as I honestly believe it is a 'love it or hate it' type of holiday, but it is a good excuse for a party!


  1. Great photograph of the deer! I love autumn, I think it's because of just how beautiful it is, moving to the Midwest has certainly made me appreciate it a lot more, we really get spoiled with all the colours of the leaves that's for sure!

    1. Thanks Rachael! I would love to visit the Midwest one day, sounds amazing!


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