Thursday, 9 October 2014

Blog ambition and inspiration

At work I always have to plan much further into the future than I would do in everyday life, for example, a project completion date will be September 2015, but obviously this does make me think, 'I wonder what I will be doing next year, where life will take me and what do I want to happen'. 

One of my greatest ambitions for next year is to improve this blog and to invest more time and a small amount of money into it. I have already had some early conversations with pipdig on how we might go about redesigning the layout and making the labels more user friendly. I would like to write longer articles, whether they are more along the lines of my recent post on the five year plan, or more light hearted ones such as my post on why it's ok to give up reading a book, I'm not sure yet. I would love to know in the comments what you, as the reader, would prefer. 

I would also like to combine this blog with a copywriting service for artists. If you are an artist, illustrator or designer and are interested in 'words' for your website, please do email me as I am looking to build up a portfolio. I am not only interested in writing but also photography. Sometimes I am rushed for time and have to put up photographs that I know are not my absolute best, therefore I am going to try and be stricter on myself about what photography I put up and to look at other people's work for inspiration. On that note let me talk about who is inspiring me at the moment.

In terms of writing and blog design Jenny Purr is my absolute favourite. Her blog design is so slick, so professional and she writes about topics that are incredibly relevant for bloggers in particular. Her blog shows how a blog should be done.

Kate from Ghostparties home posts are stunning. The careful choice of colours and styling along with on trend accessorising such as terrariums and hanging plants make these posts completely addictive. I want to believe that she has learnt these styling techniques but the more I see, the more I have come to the conclusion that she is just incredibly talented.

Then there is Vivianna Does Makeup, who recently won the award for best beauty blog in the Bloglovin' awards. I'm not someone who obsesses over makeup or skincare products but somehow she has me hooked. I think it is partly to do with the high end magazine-style photography of the products. The Eyelash Curler photograph is one of my favourites.

Finally, if I'm going to look anywhere for advice I turn to the Talented Ladies Club. It is a website for working mums, and even though I am not a mum I find their advice really useful. Even if you are not a working mum I urge you to check out their 'help' tab for how to be a freelancer and to run your own business.

Thank you for following me on this journey so far and I am always looking for inspiration so please do leave your links below.

P.S. There should be one post a week for the next three weeks and after that more regular posts will return. 

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