Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Seven Sisters to Birling Gap: a day of walking and paddling

On Sunday I visited the Seven Sisters with my parents and boyfriend. I am always keen to do some exercise at the weekend, and if I can get exercise with a beautiful view and the promise of cake at the end, even better! The Seven Sisters are seven hills, all with different names. It's great walking across the tops of the hills and downhill, but they are pretty steep uphill and not so enjoyable. You have to remember it's good for the thighs! The weather was absolutely beautiful. The walk was lovely, despite being followed by a huge school group at the beginning. 

Luckily we had a picnic and decided to stop for a while so that the group could go on ahead. Once the group had passed it was really peaceful and the perfect place to forget the stresses of London life. For our picnic I had a banana sandwich, some strawberries (it's not a picnic without strawberries!), cucumber and water.

The beach at Birling Gap.

There is serious erosion along this piece of coastline. Only recently one of the cottages nearest to the edge had to be demolished as part of it was hanging off the side. There are some great photos showing how many cottages have been lost to erosion in this article.

I was planning on having cake but then I saw this.

The boyfriend still decided to go for cake.

I finished the walk with a paddle in the sea. It was such a lovely way to enjoy the last of the summer weather.


  1. It's scary to think how much of the coastline gets eaten away by the sea. It's the same up along the east Yorkshire coast - those cliffs look lovely, but they sure get eaten quickly! well relatively quickly for cliffs. I remember looking up old photographs of that coastline and seeing just how far away from the sea those houses use to be. Scary! Glad to see someone else loves random fruit sandwiches - I'm a big fan of an apple sarnie myself, great views for a picnic too!

    1. Yes, think it's because they are chalk... will have a look at the east Yorkshire coast. Oooh I used to have an apple sarnie to help get wobbly teeth out, not good memories with those! Thanks for reading and for all your comments!


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