Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Notes on the 'Bloody Awful' magazine

The Twitter user known as TechnicallyRon posted this spoof of a women's magazine cover. I saw this via. Huffington Post. It really struck a chord with me, magazines can make us feel so 'bloody awful' about ourselves, yet often the blogging world can also perpetuate this manufactured magazine culture that is unobtainable, pressured, shallow and fake. 
One thing I have always tried to do with my blog is to make sure it never makes anyone feel inadequate or that I am portraying an unobtainable lifestyle. If I have done at any point, I apologise, and of course my blog is by no means perfect. However what struck me most about this cover is that it takes a man to point this out to women. The magazines would argue that they provide women with goals and aspirations and an escape from reality. But nine times out of ten I end up putting a magazine down thinking: a) I can't afford any of those things b) I'm so ugly compared to all the people in there c) my life is so boring.

These are terrible things to think and at 26 years of age I am not as young and impressionable as others who may be reading these magazines. Why are we so mean to each other? It's mainly women writing and editing these magazines too! 99% of the time if you ask a woman who she dresses for – it is to get the acceptance of other women! So how can female bloggers fight back?

Blogs can offer either the same as magazines or they have the unique opportunity of being able to provide something very personal, share real life advice and not pander to the demands of brands. I hope that the next trend of blogging will be more about experience and living in the real world with real people, much like the Spitalfields Life blog. As much as I enjoy the odd beauty blog here and there, and do occasional post on the subject, it does worry me how much time young teenage girls are obsessing over beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers. They look up to them and aspire to them just like the magazines want us to do with the content they produce. I worry that this will create a generation of ill-educted and self-obsessed women.

Really look at the spoof magazine cover and think about how you've felt after reading a women's magazine. If you've felt any of the above then please, I urge you to mix up the content you read and to widen your horizons and to be true to yourself. 

Here is a list of things you can do to help you start your journey to becoming a more well rounded individual with intelligent conversation. Learning should always be an enjoyable experience, so I've tried to suggest a variety of sites, carpe diem!


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