Saturday, 6 September 2014

Malle W. Trousseau Set

It's been a while since I've done a homeware post, so I thought it only right that I shared with you something absolutely beautiful and something I dream of owning. Initially with a price tag of £2,500 you're right to think it is totally unobtainable but you can buy the pieces separately, so hear me out...

The Malle W. Trousseau Set is the ultimate 43 piece kitchen "essentials". I had to put essentials in double quote marks as there is no way I can honestly tell anyone that these products are essential. You can cook with one pot and a kettle, scrap that, you can cook with a fire! Anyway... let's look a bit more in detail at this gorgeous kitchenware set. 

First off, it comes in what looks like a trunk, who gets a trunk delivered to their house these days?! I am already excited by the packaging! As you open each layer the products are set out like a ready made Instagram photo. 

Look at that copper on the right hand side, bang on trend! I'm not sure about the red leather apron, but I'm sure I could find a way to pull it off! The chopping board can be bought separately for £59, click here to see all items sold separately. 

The linen tea towel is something I am seriously considering purchasing. It's so big you can apparently put it around your waist and use it as an apron. For those without a dishwasher you will understand my desire for a large tea towel! Although for those of us without a dishwasher, perhaps we ought to save some of that £2,500 to buy one of those first!

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