Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hema: the bargain homeware edit

On Saturday I visited the market town of Kingston upon Thames. I thought I knew the area quite well, but I didn't expect it to have changed so much since I had last been. There are so many new shops and it is now seriously smart. 

One of the shops I stumbled upon was Hema. As soon as I stepped foot inside the shop I knew I had to share this shop with you guys! The store is two floors and reminds me of Tiger. It is really well priced. I would say it is a bit more expensive than Tiger, but not as expensive as West Elm. You can get all your basics, like wine glasses and tumblers, in there for a few pounds.

The store originates from Amsterdam and you can really see Dutch and Scandinavian influences throughout. There is a great range of children's gifts and also a huge variety of sweets and gift ideas for adults too. I will definitely be doing a large proportion of my Christmas shopping here. I took some photos inside the store with my phone, but I decided the quality wasn't really good enough to share, so I decided instead to do an edit using the products they have on their website.

Here are my top picks from their website:

1. Bath mat, coral, £9
The zig-zag pattern on this bath mat makes it bang on trend. 

2. Cushion cover, brushed graphic, £9
Partnered with a bold chair this cushion could add that subtle note needed.

3. Scented sticks, spring, £11
At £11 these scented sticks are a lot cheaper than any I have seen in the Body Shop, the White Company or L'Occitane.

4. Cardboard folder, orange, £2.50
I know this seems an odd choice, but I love to organise, and this is a really unique colour for a ring binder!

5. Wooden chopping board, £20
I really like the oblong shape of this board, it also doubles as a serving board. Already picturing a cheese board? I am!

6. Storage box from Nepal, £10
Loving the grey and yellow trend, along with the zig-zags, this box is perfect.

7. Stool, white, £20
This stool could easily be mistaken as a Habitat product, and for £20 it is a bargain!

8. Porto small dish, £4.50
I chose this dish purely for the mint green colour. The shop in Kingston is filled to the brim with products this colour.

There are lots of great products on the site and in store, let me know if any of these take your fancy!

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