Saturday, 16 August 2014

What I learnt at University

One of my University rooms!

I left home for Manchester Uni eight years ago. I can’t tell you how weird it feels to write that. It feels like only yesterday that I was in the car on my way with my Dad, crying all the way!

When I first got to the halls of residence I felt quite excited but at the same time really scared. I remember thinking that this was a chance for me to reinvent myself. I bought lots of preppy style clothes and decorated my room in different shades of pink. I was heavily influenced by Legally Blonde! The first night I met a couple of people in my halls but didn’t go out and instead went to bed at 9pm! It was probably the most ‘un-cool’ start to University anyone has ever had! I do remember agreeing to go on a tour of the whole halls of residence at night with someone from my flat who I literally only met for about two minutes. It’s such a weird experience and you are expected to trust a lot of people very quickly, as you know no one.

In my first year I had a terrible experience which I will share with you now, but do not worry it did not stop me from having fun throughout the rest of Uni, it just made me a lot more cautious about hanging out in certain areas at certain times of night.

I had been to a Halloween party and on the way back the group I was with decided to get a takeaway from curry mile. It was about 2am. We were all dressed in our Halloween costumes and a couple of the boys were dressed as builders with hard hats on. Everyone was queuing for their food, and then out of nowhere two random men head butted one of my friend’s hard hats – not good. My flat mate who was a body builder decided to step in and try to calm things down. The two random men then turned on him. It got crazy, there were about ten of us and we all tried to get out of the takeaway shop as quickly as possible, but the men followed my flat mate and said they had a gun (I think they were lying). I was walking away with a couple of other friends and thought we were walking away from the fight but then I realised everyone involved in the fight were behind us. I heard ‘duck!’ and then a full bottle of drink hit the side of my ankle, hard. I fell to the ground in pain and at first people thought I was stopping because my high heels hurt but as soon as they realised what had happened they put me in a cab. My friend dressed in a cow costume and my other friend dressed as a vampire carried me into A&E where I had an x-ray of my foot (after much screaming). It turned out it was only soft tissue damage but I still have a lump of scar tissue there to this day. We later found out that our other friends had got in a cab but the two random men had a baseball bat and had smashed the back window of the cab in. The cab driver then turned round and drove towards the men at which point the police turned up. My flat mate body builder was the one most involved in the fight and didn’t go on nights out for about three months after the incident.

It didn’t stop me from going on nights out, but it did teach me not to hang out at takeaway places at 2am! It doesn’t matter how careful you are though, these random events can just happen. What I learnt from University is that you can only really learn from experience. 

What are  your thoughts on University? Did you go, what did you learn? Did you not go, do you wish you had? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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