Friday, 1 August 2014

West Elm – best bits

I came across West Elm via a Facebook ad, I know, don't hate me, I clicked on it. I never normally like the things Facebook 'recommend' I like, but OMG I love West Elm. The products are a bit out of my price range at the moment, so this is a bit of a wish list post. The same as in my previous post 'One accessory for every room', I am going to pick pieces by room. This has not been easy as there is so much good stuff on the website! Anyway, let's get started!

I've told you before and I'll you again, I have an obsession with yellow homeware at the moment, so why am I surprised that I was drawn in by these beautiful sheets!? Love the whole set up they've got going on in that photo too. Big lamp on a small side table is always a winner.

Bike tea towel, £7
I am always on the look out for new tea towels in a quality material, as having no dishwasher my tea towels start to look pretty gross pretty quick. How cute is this one?! Obviously you would only ever wash up your wooden spoons with it though, note the photo.

'Alice!' I hear you say, 'those are the bowls from Anthropologie!' Na-ah, wrong! These are West Elm's Modernist bowls for £7 each. Judging by the amount of clementines they have in the bowl I think these are pretty reasonable sized bowls too.

Living room
Mid-century media 6-piece set, Acorn, £2,594
I know, I know, over £2,000 for a piece of furniture!? But I absolutely love it. I think this is my favourite piece on the entire website. Imagine this in your front room, what a fantastic focal point. Plus, it makes a TV look that little bit less ugly.

Don't show me the rugs! Nooooooo, and sold for £239! Ah, crap, does that have yellow in it again?! Welcome to my home, the yellow submarine.

I clicked on home accessories and five hours later I remembered I was writing a blog post. It is a seriously addictive part of their website!
Ceramic animal planters you say? Starting from £10?! Sold to the crazy homeware lady at the back! Can you tell I've been to an auction recently?!

Scalloped crewel cushion cover, £24.95
Ever since I went to the newly refurbished Tate Britain and saw their new scalloped floor, I have become the woman who falls in loved with products that have a scalloped pattern, LOSER. The orange colour of this cushion is also bang on trend.

Firstly, why do places like Ikea always over complicate wash baskets, keep it clean and simple people! West Elm have gone it spot on! It is a bit pricey at £54. Secondly, who am I kidding when I put this in the bathroom section, no-one keeps their wash basket in their bathroom! West Elm had it in their bathroom section so I put it in my bathroom section, because... I'm cool. 

Dining Room
Park mid-century round dining table, £399
I have always, always wanted a round dining table, I often search the internet for the perfect round dining table and now... we have met. 

Mid-century desk, Acorn, £499
Dream, dream, dream. I know, I wrote about how much I love another desk not that long ago, I am torn! Help me! Also, I love the chair in this photo too!

Newgate wall clock, £109
This would just finish everything off nicely. It oozes style, but it is probably the most expensive clock I have ever lusted after!

In total I would need to save approximately £4,000 to buy all this... trip around the world... or homeware... I'll get back to you on that one.

You'd think I'm getting some sort of discount code or money for this post from West Elm, but no, I am just a woman obsessed! But yes, West Elm, if you would like to make me your new content editor, then of course I would willingly oblige. I hope you've enjoyed this ridiculously long post and let me know which pieces are your favourite!

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