Friday, 29 August 2014

Pizza Pilgrims – Soho

Pizza Pilgrims has become a bit of a cult pizza restaurant. Everyone raves about it, it's in Soho, it's independent and achingly cool. I had to try it out. I have been to Homeslice before which is equally gaining cult status and I have recommended it as one of my top five places to eat before, however I have never been to Pizza Pilgrims.

I was trying to arrange dinner with my best mate from Uni, obviously trying to pursuade her that Wahaca was the best option, when she suggested Pizza Pilgrims. We didn't book as I don't think you can unless there are eight or more of you but we arrived at 6pm and were seated quickly. The waitress we had was really friendly but not in an annoying way. I liked the decor and the toilets were acceptable. I get worried about locks on public toilets and I can tell you this was an easy lock, if anyone else even has this fear!!!!

We sat down and browsed the menu. I ordered a margarita and my friend had a plain tomato and garlic one with no cheese as she has a dairy allergy. They were very understanding about this and my friend has been there many times before so it is definitely a good one for any of you with dairy allergies. 

I had the margarita with the cow's milk cheese – I can't remember the exact name! You can add buffalo mozzarella for £2.50 and to be honest I really wish I had. I didn't really enjoy the consistency of the cheese. The base was delicious and the tomato sauce tasted really fresh. I washed it down with a sparkling blood orange drink, which was absolutely delicious! 

I would recommend Pizza Pilgrims as the prices are good but I'm not sure it quite lives up to the hype. If I had to choose I think Homeslice is better. 



  1. I totally understand your fear of locks on toilet doors haha. I always try the lock three or four times before thinking "its okay, I won't get locked in but also, its definitely locked and no one is going to rampage their way into the cubicle".

    Those pizzas do look good, but its a shame the place doesn't live up to the hype!

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    1. Haha oh no, I never thought about people trying to get in, I'm always worried I will get stuck, I did once, and have never got over it!

      Thanks for checking out my blog, have now followed yours as love the photography! xx


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