Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mini Tiger haul

I have a couple of friends' birthdays coming up and with the Australia trip breaking the bank I have had to try and buy budget-busting presents. Enter... Tiger! I went to the Tiger store in Richmond, London. It is all so reasonably priced.

I purchased:

  • 2 cards, one with cakes on and one with eggs and cress on for 50p each!
  • Glow sticks for £1
  • Pink paper straws with hearts on for £2
  • Rabbit mood light for £2 (one of the girls has a rabbit)
  • Fruit pattern tea towel for £3

I am also putting in a couple of extra treats but I'm pretty pleased with the purchases and think they will make really nice birthday presents. Let me know what budget friendly presents you have recently purchased!

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