Sunday, 31 August 2014

London Wetland Centre

Yesterday I headed to the London Wetland Centre. My parents had recently been and my mum had sent me some photos of the otters there, they looked so cute! I was really jealous and desperately wanted to go, so we decided to make a trip and planned it around the otters' feed. Every day you can see the otters being fed at 11am and 2pm. This is a great chance to see them up close as they are normally hidden away, but of course food brings them out of their holt

Whilst one of the Wetland staff feeds the otters they give a little talk. We learnt that the otters there were a male and a female and that the male was the smaller one, but this is not normally the case with otters, he just comes from a small family, like me! We also learnt that there are different types of otters, including the giant otter. Seriously, check them out, I couldn't believe how big they are!
The only negative thing about the centre is the planes passing overhead, however you can get cool reflection pictures!

Say cheese!

They have some little houses set up like homes in wetland areas across the globe, this is just one of a few. 
Hey, stop looking at my fat neck!

Did you know that Black Swans are originally from Australia and not native to the UK!? 

Show off.

I thought this was an eider duck... but having looked it up on the internet I'm now not sure. And yes, if you're wondering that is where eiderdown feathers come from!

Wearing my new blue shirt from Topshop.

Spot the lizard!

Sweets in the shop!

There are also birdwatching huts in the 'wild' part of the wetlands. I would thoroughly recommend visiting the wetlands centres, which are all over the country. They are vital to saving rare and endangered birds and are a great way to spend an afternoon with your family or friends. There is something for everyone, the 'wild' part is great for older relatives as it is really peaceful and the tallest hut even has a lift in. There is a picnic area for families and plenty of activities for kids. Plus there are brilliant photo opportunities at every turn!

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