Thursday, 21 August 2014

Black leather rucksacks

I have a friend who is a fashion designer and I remember her asking me a while ago whether or not I liked the idea of a black leather rucksack. I was unsure and thought, oh god, is this going to be one of those horrible trends that I can never get in to. However after seeing Whistles' Portland backpack, I was sold. Now I know that if I buy a winter bag this year, it will most certainly be a black leather rucksack. Not only are rucksacks better for your back but they are much easier to walk with, which means I may be more likely to walk the last bit of my commute rather than get the bus. Although I have included the Portland backpack in this post, I have also searched the web for some equally beautiful rucksacks that are a little more purse friendly! Also... what do you call them... rucksacks or backpacks?!
Not all of these are leather but they are all at least faux leather.
1. Structured rucksack, Next, £30 

2. Suede Clip backpack, Topshop, £65

3. Track backpack, Royal Republiq, £160

4. Quilted rucksack, River Island, £30 

6. Strumpf backpack, Aldo, £50

Which is your favourite?


  1. Before Glastonbury this year I wanted one thing - a black rucksack. Well, really I wanted a plain leather rucksack, but being as I mostly wear darker shades, black made sense.

    I went to so many shops - nothing! Eventually I found one in New Look. It wasn't the best looking bag, but it would do. And now, I love it!

    It's so much nicer to carry than a shoulder bag. The weight distributed over both shoulders mean they hurt far less at the end of the day.

    That one from Whistles is the dream! If only I have a spare £300!!

    1. Yes, the New Look ones are great, should have really put them in this post! I know, I would love the Whistles one, I think the Aldo one is probably the next best bet. Thanks for reading! xx


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