Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Why I love a good desk

No matter who you live with or whether you have your own room or not, your desk can always be something that you make your own personal space.

The desk I currently have is just about wide enough for my computer and not much else, but as I live in a very small flat and share a lot of my space with my boyfriend, I am desperate for more desk space.

Throughout my teens I was obsessed with getting the perfect desk set up. One year, no joke, I asked for a swivel chair for my birthday! When the kids in assembly asked me what I got for my birthday and I told them 'a swivel chair', their suspicions of me being the odd one were confirmed! I often got stationary for my birthday. Getting the latest pencil case was obviously my main priority come September. And the day I got a Filofax, a pink Filofax... I can't even... I remember purchasing it to this day!

There's a sense that you can achieve anything you want in life as long as you're organised and have a good desk. Then Zoella posted about her 'office' with photos of her desk and I was so jealous! She had made a beautiful, personal and creative space for herself. 

With jealously comes motivation... right?! So, I went on the hunt for my ideal desk and decided to write a post about why I love a good desk. I saw Essie Button's video on her new makeup table and her boyfriend used 'hairpin' legs for the desk. I have never really paid much attention specifically to the legs of a desk, but all of a sudden all I wanted in a desk was 'hairpin' legs. I'm also obsessed with reclaimed wood and the colour yellow for homeware. Then I found my holy grail desk... I present to you the Hairpin yellow steel leg vintage industrial desk.

You will note how I have mentioned 'desk set up' throughout this post. Obviously the search was not over once I found this desk as I got obsessed with trying to find out where the lamp was from. I even set up an account on the Hunt! Then I was trying to put together a 'good desks' board on Pinterest and amazingly I found the lamp! Not amazingly, it was way out of my price range as it is a vintage Habitat Conran Maclamp Lamp. This is all going into my savings budget and I will post about it again when I have it all set up, but don't expect this to be until next year. Anyhow, I will wrap this post up now as I need to go and find that chair...


  1. I have been working from my bed for the longest time!! I am most certainly in need of a good desk set up. Thanks for this post!


    1. Thanks Mariana! I know the feeling, I get a poorly back from working from my bed :( Thanks for reading my post! xx

  2. We're on the hunt for two new desks but - I donno I guess we're picky - especially with having a proper computer set up rather than a lap top so we need shelving along the bottom which is apparently a hard task these days!

    1. Two desks? Do you want them to match or will they be in different rooms? I love a good project! xx


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