Thursday, 31 July 2014

Top 5 places to eat in Covent Garden, London

I currently work in the Covent Garden area and have had PLENTY of opportunities to try out the cuisine. I have tried and tested many places to eat in Covent Garden and now it is only right that I share with you my top 5 recommendations. These are places I would happily have my lunch or dinner every day of the week if I could afford to! I will start from the top left corner of the photograph and work my way down clockwise.

1. Homeslice Pizza
I am literally salivating thinking about Homeslice. When my friends first took me there I was a bit sceptical as I thought it might be a pizza place that is better for meat eaters than vegetarians, but how wrong I was! The pizzas are 20 inch and £20. The pizzas are so big you would definitely have one between two, if not one between four! I am also obsessed with getting a takeaway slice at lunch time for £4. My favourite one is courgette and artichoke. The only negative experience I have had there is once when the waiter asked me if I would like a napkin with my takeaway slice and I said yes, he gave me loads of napkins and said 'enjoy the rainforest'! I was shocked, but not shocked enough to never go back! He should know you can get recycled napkins!

2. Rock and Sole Plaice
Ok, point number one, it has an AWESOME name. Point number two, it's fish and chips. Point number three, established in 1871, it is London's oldest fish and chip restaurant. With over 140 years experience, they sure know how to produce the BEST chips out there. If you are looking for a sit down fish and chips experience it does come with a hefty price tag of around £18! But if like me, you just want to treat yourself to a bag of takeaway chips it's only about £2 or £3. Basically, if you like fish and chips – you HAVE to make a visit, I promise you won't regret it! The decor is also... how shall I put it... something special!

3. Koshari Street
Ahhh, Koshari Street, how glad I am that my Dad found you! I even devoted a whole blog post to them earlier in December 2013! It is Egyptian street food. The main dish is a base of pasta, noodles and lentils, followed by a tomato sauce (mild, hot or very hot - your choice), then some chickpeas, some seeds and spices, finished off with a good helping of dried onion. At £3 for a small pot, which at lunch is all you need, it is a bargain!

4. Food for Thought
Probably the most legendary vegetarian cafe in London. Every day they have a different menu, you can only pay by cash and the seating is much like a school canteen. I would say the environment is perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but the flavours of the dishes are unbeatable. Plus, it is really reasonably priced. The photo I have up there is one of their delicious scones, I think that one was strawberry and chocolate. If you are a vegetarian and in London you cannot miss going here. 

5. Sticks 'n' Sushi
I have only been here a couple of times as it is mega expensive. The first time I went it was free with work so we had most things on the menu! I highly recommend the elderflower drink, the Ebi Katsu, the edamame beans, the broccoli and the epic desserts featured in the photo above. The restaurant originates from Denmark, as most good things in life do! 

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