Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Race for life 2014

On Sunday I ran the Race for Life in Hyde Park. It was 10km and I did it with two of my old school friends and my sister. I raised just over £100. 

The most poignant moments for me during the race were reading the reasons (attached to the runners' backs) people were running the race. So many people were doing if for multiple people they had lost, some doing it for their mothers or their fathers. It was really emotional and I ended the race slumped in my boyfriend's arms crying! I felt it was a personal achievement in terms of physical fitness and endurance, but also as a bigger group achievement in raising over a million pounds for Cancer Research UK.

I found the whole experience really overwhelming. In training I got to 8km and thought 10km would be ok, but wow – do not underestimate those last 2km! My lower back hurt, my knees hurt, I was hungry plus I'd been thinking about all these people the runners had lost. 

I was so glad that I had experienced the race along with my close friends, sister and boyfriend. One of my close friend's mum gave me the flower to the left when I had finished, she is a real fighter and for her to thank me was really humbling. The whole thing was humbling, and made me remember that even if everything feels like it's not going well, your health, physical and mental, should always be your priority.


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