Monday, 14 July 2014

One accessory for every room

I decided to write this post as more of a money saving post. If you are sick of your home decor just accessorising with one new piece of homeware can make the world of difference. I have carefully selected one piece for each room. I would definitely have each piece in my own home. This post has taken a long time to put together as I wanted to get it exactly right. I hope you enjoy reading it and I would love to know which is your favourite piece.

'Bakery' screenprint by James Brown, Mustard Vintage, £65
On family holidays in the mountains we relied on the bakeries to supply us with the majority of our breakfasts and lunches. I remember my mum going down every day before me and my sister even woke up to make sure she got the pick of the crop. This print really reminds me of those times.

Living room:
I know this looks expensive – but think of this way – it's table and a lamp for £180, bargain!

Button rose bath towel, Cath Kidston, £27
I was searching the internet for ages for the best looking towels, but also good quality towels. I kept coming across beautiful linen towels, but realistically these are just not as good as a really soft fluffy towel. I came back to Cath Kidston, because no matter how much I want to move on from Cath Kidston, their prints are just so classic, I couldn't help it. These were the prettiest towels I could find, hands down.

Geo lambswool knitted cushion, Seven Gauge Studios, £65
Zoella featured this cushion on one of her blog posts, but didn't leave a link for it. I furiously searched the web for it – literally took me about 20 minutes, but eventually I found it! Such cute throw cushions for your bed. I absolutely love the yellow homeware trend at the moment.

Dining room:
Basic desert plate, Folklore, £12.50
It's the Essie Button effect... AGAIN. These plates are so unique and I love a plate with an edge, especially for sloppy pasta dishes. These plates will one day replace my multi-pack white plates from Ikea!


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