Thursday, 24 July 2014

My top five blogs!

1. Vivianna Does Makeup
The reason: I love her writing style and the photographs. She always replies or acknowledges any tweets and I am also obsessed with her weekly vlog.

2. Spitalfields Life
The reason: I love reading about people and history and this has both. I am also reading the book and am completely addicted. I cannot believe the quality of every blog post every day!

3. Essie Button
The reason: It's Essie Button! She is so similar to me in so many ways and I honestly think we would be friends if we met! This sounds so cheesy, I'm going to stop! The blog design is my favourite out of anyone's blog design.

4. J. O. G. Blog
The reason: The content is so varied and honest. The writing is also top quality! You will always keep coming back to this blog to find out what the girls have been up to!

5. Zoella
The reason: No matter what Zoella does I am always on board, and I am very jealous of her flat and her interior design style choices. Basically, I want to be her, lol.

Please let me know what your top favourite blogs are, as I always love finding new ones!

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