Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I do judge a book by its cover: my favourite book covers

From left to right:

I've Lived in East London for 86 1/2 Years, Martin Usborne, Hoxton Mini Press
As you probably already know I am obsessed with random people's life stories. I did do Anthropology at University, so I was able to feed that obsession for three years! There is something so intriguing about this old man and I really like the colours of the cover. The green of the battered door and the neutral tones of the old man's outfit create an almost Scandinavian vibe.

The Kinfolk Table, Nathan Williams, Workman
This cover reminds me of one of my favourite artists, Hammershoi. Hammershoi is known for painting empty rooms and the back of people's heads, basically for representing anonymity and presence.

Wallpaper* City Guide Copenhagen, Wallpaper*, Phaidon Press
I love Copenhagen as a city, I love Wallpaper* guides and I love this mustard yellow colour at the moment, so how could I not love this guide?!

A Modern Way to Eat, Anna Jones, Fourth Estate
This really reminds me of a lot of people's wordpress blogs! It is really simple and chic with a pop of colour.

The Art of Eating Well, Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley, Ebury Press
I know, I know, this book is everywhere, but I am in love with the cover design. Strong colours with the stark black and white colour really works.

Sculpture Today, Judith Collins, Phaidon Press
I am determined to know more about Sculpture so this is what initially drew me to this cover. Phaidon can always be relied on for their innovative covers.

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