Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I do judge an album by its cover: my favourite album covers

I did a similar post to this not long ago, entitled 'I do judge a book by its cover'. I felt it was only right that I did a post on my favourite album art. I was inspired to do this after watching Fun for Louis and seeing the new album cover of his friend, Josh Record. I think this album cover is of such a high design calibre and I wanted to point out some of my other favourites. The down side about this post is that I haven't been able to find who the album artwork was designed by. Please comment below letting me know your favourite album artwork PLUS whose music you like!

1. Josh Record, Pillars

2. Bombay Bicycle Club, A Different Kind of Fix

3. Clean Bandit, New Eyes

4. King Creosote, From Scotland with Love

5. Sigur Ros, Hvarf/Heim

6. The Gloaming, The Gloaming

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