Monday, 7 July 2014

Five tips for improving Mondays

1. Have your favourite breakfast. At the moment mine is rice pops with banana and sultanas, followed by pancakes and washed down with fresh apple juice.

2. Plan what film you are going to go and see on Bargain Tuesday at Odeon cinemas. I only just found out about this and am very excited. I hardly ever go to the cinema as I find it is so overpriced, but a ticket can be £6 for an adult rather than £10.50!

3. If you are finding Mondays depressing because you have to go to work, try and think about how it might feel if you woke up on a Monday with no job and no money. If this still sounds better than your job, apply for new jobs TODAY!

4. Go to your local bookshop and browse all the beautiful art books and fashion books and find inspiration.

5. Make your dinner interesting. You can do this by trying a new recipe or having your dinner in a different location, for example have a picnic dinner in the park.

I hope that you find these tips helpful for Mondays. I always hate Mondays, but once Monday is over the rest of the week flies by and then before you know it it's the weekend again! Hooray!


  1. Great trips - especially about the breakfast. Also one of the ways we manage to save money at the cinema is to go to morning Saturday or Sunday screenings, tend to be half the price then too.

    1. Thanks Rachael! That's a great tip - I will definitely look at the early morning screenings, especially for rainy days! xx


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