Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Can anyone go to an art auction?

Emin's bed selling at auction

Yesterday evening I spontaneously decided to go and see Tracey Emin's bed sell at auction at Christie's. I decided that it was such a key moment in the art world that I would not miss it. I almost went to see the sale of Munch's 'The Scream' but decided against it and have regretted it ever since. I saw that Emin's bed was selling and asked my colleague if she wanted to go. She was surprised that we could even go. This is what made me want to write this blog post. If you are at all interested in art and want to see it for free and pick up a free book, then the top auction houses are the places to be! Anyone can go. We went straight after work for the 7pm start. 

Neither of us were dressed appropriately but we walked straight in. It was absolutely packed. The majority of the art is on show and you can view it before you go in. We stood at the back and amazingly stood next to the bidder who bought a Francis Bacon for £10.2 million! The auctioneer is so theatrical and the atmosphere is electric. We watched 20 lots out of 75, it was so packed and sweaty, we would have stayed longer if it was cooler and we had a seat. We saw the Emin bed go for £2.2 million, £1 million more than predicted! Crazy money! As we left we asked how much the catalogues were and were told they were free! They are huge catalogues, if sold I reckon they would be worth £40. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I really recommend it!

Scale of the catalogue

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