Saturday, 12 July 2014

Best skirts for summer 2014

1. Daisy Foil Skirt, Silver, Whistles, £125
I have seen this skirt many times on various websites and have always lusted after it. However being a short arse I don't think I could pull it off. Either way it had to go on the list for best skirts for summer 2014. It is so chic and perfect as part of a 'day to night' outfit.

2. Espejo Stitched Skirt, Anthropologie, £118
Sorry, another expensive one, but hopefully it'll be in the sales soon! I love the detailing on this skirt. Aztec and tribal prints are so on trend this year and this one is spot on. I also really like the length of this skirt. I think just above the knee is my favourite length of skirt.

3. Tribal Jacquard Mini Skirt, Oasis, £35
Another tribal skirt, but this time much more subtle. I like this skirt as it is understated and non-offensive. It would be an ideal 'work to interview' skirt, simply swap a T-shirt for a shirt and this is smart and sophisticated nailed.

4. Rita Skirt, Coast, £125
I saw this skirt on Arabella Golby's instagram and fell in love with it instantly! Again, probably too long for a short person like me, but with a great pair of heels I think it could work. This skirt reminds me of a certain style of wallpaper, in a good way. It is one for those summer weddings.

5. Puffy Jacquard Pocket Pelmet Skirt, Topshop, £34
I blame one of my besties, Holly, for this being on the list. She paired it with a denim shirt, black vest top, black tights and black boots. I would never have thought about owning a white skirt, but as part of this outfit, I am sold!

6. Flower Jacquard A-line Skirt, Topshop, £35
Essie Button has done it again, I have become so obsessed with this skirt she owns, that I've only gone and bloody bought it. I bought it in the regular size 10 but then received an email saying it was out of stock and they had to cancel my order. So I furiously searched the internet to see if other stores had it in stock, but had no such luck. Finally I found they still had stock of the petite version, so I've bought that in a size 12. Not sure if that was the right thing to do... is petite size smaller round the waist or just shorter in length? I think I know the answer and I think I might have to return it... ugh.

I hope you liked this post and please do let me know what your favourite skirt for this summer is!


  1. Those skirts really do look lovely! :) I love high waisted skirts too.

    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

    1. I just think are more flattering! Thank you for reading!

  2. love that last one!

    from helen at

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