Sunday, 15 June 2014

Two shops, one blog

Sometimes I have those days where I'm just clicking around on the internet, surfing if will, and I end up finding some new incredible sites. 

The first one I have to mention is The Lifestyle Editor blog. Firstly, the photographs on this blog are amazing, the colours are so rich and vivid, every photo makes me want to be in it or hang it on my wall. Not only are there fantastic photographs, but also great interviews with photographers, stylists, makers etc. Two things that interest me the most in life at the moment: people and lifestyle photographs! 
Through finding this awesome blog I found these next two sites: 95% and Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
Schoolhouse sell a similar banner to that of the 'It's Ok' banner I mentioned in a previous blog post, however their one says 'Let it Go', one for all you frozen fans out there! 
Schoolhouse also sell Handwoven Mayan Throw Pillows, oh yeah, you know, those Mayan pillows... yeah I'd never heard of them before either, but styled up in this way...
...I need. Schoolhouse also have a blog where they do helpful posts such as 'Refresh and Renew: 3 Simple Updates', where, oops, the pillows are featured again!
95% of what 95% sell is Danish and 5% of what they sell is Swedish! Get it?! They have some really innovative products such as this iPad holder for when you are using the iPad to read a recipe whilst cooking, which I do all the time, it has saved me buying so many cookbooks and wasting paper printing recipes from my desktop.
Anyway, this just shows how the old school way of surfing the internet can still find many wonders and exciting new products! What have you found whilst surfing?

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