Saturday, 14 June 2014

Straw and Gold

Recently I came across Straw and Gold online, I mentioned them in my previous blog post, however at the time I had not yet received my purchase, and now I have, and I just want to buy more!! I must not though, as I am meant to be saving for Australia. Anyhow, I felt they deserved a blog post solely about their store. What I love about Straw and Gold is that they focus on the Artists and Makers, you can search by Artist and Maker and you know exactly who your product comes from. I really like having a product that has a bit of a story or a product that supports independent craftspeople, and Straw and Gold delivers 110% on this. What I also love about Straw and Gold is how carefully curated the website is, the taste of the buyer or buyers is impeccable.

I received my pennant at the beginning of this week and the packaging was so cute. It was paper wrapped up in string and they even threw in some free incense sticks! Lauren the founder also wrote me a cute message on a postcard enclosed within a beautiful Muji-style envelope. The pennant is really good quality and looks great on my wall. I can't wait to own a flat of my own so that I can really go wild with the wall decor. I realise it does look a little plain, but that's rented accommodation for you!

I am seriously tempted by the Vintage Swedish Tapestry and the Elephant Strength Print. If I lived in the US I would definitely be purchasing the Half and Half Planter, but I fear an overseas journey would be too risky for these fragile objects. Anyhow, please do go and check them out and let me know what you think!

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