Wednesday, 4 June 2014

North American homeware love

It all started when I saw this sign behind Essie Button.
I searched the internet to see where it was from and came up with Secret Holiday & Co. Unfortunately they are completely out of stock, do not fear I have signed up for their newsletter, but this led me on to look at their stockists. I should not have done this. I found a wealth of curated stores and OH MY GOD they are sooooo good! I've already made a purchase from Straw and Gold.

Firstly, Straw and Gold's website is so beautiful, the photographs and design of the site are so slick. I am most impressed by their taste, I am sure Essie Button would approve! I have purchased this 'Do Your Best' pennant, it is based on an original 1950s Cub Scout motto! I will probably do a blog post on this when I receive it. I was also inspired after watching 'A Fab Life' style Ingrid's flat, I want the California flag!
Obviously, one click led to another and I googled 'Three Potato Four' who make the 'Do Your Best' pennant and see they do lots of other gorgeous pennants. I also love how they have a 'Found Objects' section of their website. There is a lot of focus on 'found objects' in the art world at the moment and they are really on trend.

After this I decided to give Etsy a browse and found Fairy Doors! I just had to share! I also came across an excellent seller called Bichen Vintage. She sells really kitsch vintage items. 

Vintage 1962 Children's Book from Bichen Vintage.

I suppose my conclusion from this is do check out those North American curated stores online, there is so much good stuff on them! Please do recommend any similar UK stores to these!

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