Monday, 5 May 2014

Mexican 'Cookies' and Cinco de Mayo

Last night one of my best friends had a Cinco de Mayo party, it was so much fun, and to get into the Mexican spirit I had a go at baking some Mexican cookies. The reason I've put 'cookies' in quote marks in the title is because I wouldn't say they taste like your regular cookie. I got the recipe from and firstly got confused by 'all-purpose flour', but I later found out this means plain flour, FYI. I had nothing to compare these cookies to as I've never even had Mexican cookies. I'm still not 100% sure about them. The consistency is too dry to be a cake, but almost too cakey to be a biscuit, so it almost tastes like you've totally messed up the recipe! However, dipped in the hundreds and thousands at least they look good. One of my friends suggested they might be best dipped in a cup of coffee. I'm not typing up the recipe on this blog post as it is not my own recipe, but do let me know if you try making them, how they turn out, and more importantly if you've ever even eaten them before!

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