Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Goat's cheese salad for dinner

In order to make my Goat's cheese salad into something more substantial I made a sort of smörgåsbord of sides. 

For the Goat's cheese salad I used a pre-washed mixed salad, walnuts, beetroot (diced) and half a piece of Goat's cheese each.

I then cut up some raw carrot and cucumber and put in my new Anthropologie bowl.

To give the salad some depth I steamed some new potatoes and green stringless beans.

I then made a dressing of oil and vinegar. I put all of these on the table so that we could mix and match.

It's a very filling meal and one that feels very healthy too, plus it's a bit more interesting than your average week night meal! Eat in front of Man v. Food for additional feel-good points.

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