Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter 2014

I thought I would do a little blog post about my Easter weekend. I've spent the majority of it with my family, which was lovely. I especially like spending quality time with my sister! You should check out her blog too!

On Saturday I headed over to my parent's house at about 3pm. When I arrived me and Mum headed to the local supermarket to buy our Easter eggs as neither of us had been prepared this year! There was a very limited selection but I managed to get a little (at her request) Lindt bunny for my Mum, some praline eggs for my Dad, a bunny shaped box of Ferrero Rocher for my sister and some snowies for my boyf. We then headed home, had dinner and watched Catfish as a family. I wouldn't advise it as a family film, it is a bit more of a young person's film, as it focuses mainly around Facebook.

I have been thinking about signing up for the 10km recently as a few of my friends are doing it, so on Sunday I decided to see if I could at least run 3 miles. I managed 2 miles, so I need to do a bit more training! I went with my sister and I think it definitely helps to run with someone else. The weather was terrible on Sunday though, so instead of a country walk, as originally planned, me and my Mum decided to check out the Lightbox in Woking. I have heard great things about this gallery and particularly of the Ingram collection. If you're into your 20th century art you should definitely check it out! It's fairly new and a beautiful building. We were lucky enough to catch the last day of the Renoir exhibition. I also picked up the two volumes of the Ingram Collection for £9.95! Bargain! After getting a bit lost on the way home my Mum made a delicious tuna and sweetcorn quiche for dinner. We then watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in the evening. I would not recommend this film and if you are forced to watch it for any reason, it does get better towards the end!

Hope you all had a great Easter and are enjoying the Bank Holiday!

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