Sunday, 13 April 2014

Anthropologie haul!

This week I have been on holiday, so apologies for the lack of posts. However it was also my birthday! One of my presents was a £75 gift voucher for Anthropologie from my boyfriend's very generous parents. I also got Tate membership, a new coat, a Clinique eye shadow palette and a new dress. Feeling a very lucky girl!
As I seem to always write about my love for Anthropologie on this blog, I thought it only right that I share with you my purchases! It took me a good hour of browsing the store to make my final choices.
The throw is the 'Marled Weave Throw'. It is super soft and big enough to cover a small arm chair. The colours are much brighter than they show on the website. Those of you who regularly read my blog will be relived to hear that I finally got a Celestial Coaster! I only got one because I thought I would use it for my water by my bed to jazz up my bedside table. Also, I never feel I can justify £8 on a coaster, even with a gift card! The glass is called a 'Fleur De Lys Tumbler', I could only find the link to the coloured ones online, however mine is just plain glass. I love these glasses as they remind me of the 1920s and I can imagine myself having a St Germain cocktail in it. Mmmm... mmmm.... 

I love the contrasting colours of the two bowls. I don't think I've ever bought any orange homeware but with the green next to it and having been to the Mediterranean recently, I was instantly attracted to this Latte Bowl. The final piece I bought was the Old Havana Bowl, I really like the detailing on the side of it and it is a good size cereal bowl. Altogether I think it was a fairly good haul! I also went to see the London Marathon today and watched two of my friends run in it, so if you were running it today, then a huge congratulations, I couldn't even begin to think about starting a run that long! 



  1. I've always wanted to shop in anthropolgie, you're so lucky!


  2. Aw thanks, I don't normally! However one of the bowls was only £3.50 so might go again! X

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  4. I didn't mean to remove the previous comment! So sorry, was an accident!


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