Saturday, 1 March 2014

The cushion edit: ZARA

I was going to do a cushion edit from various homeware stores, however whilst looking through the Zara homeware website I was amazed to see how many of their cushions are totally gorgeous and affordable. I have picked my top four. You may think this is lazy, but it was a hard task. These are seriously nice cushions and I am now left pondering whether to just buy all of them! Please let me know if you like this post in the comments and whether or not I should continue with 'the cushion edit' as a blog post theme.
Wait... is that Missoni? Nope... it's Zara home, Zigzag Weave Cushion Cover, £19.99!

House of Hackney at Liberty? Nope... it's Zara home, Jungle Cushion Cover, £19.99!

The orange, the pattern, the geometric cut, everything, love it. Flower and Paisley Cushion Cover, £19.99.

This cushion makes me feel like I'm in the sunny courtyard of a Spanish or maybe a Greek villa, basking in the sun. Satin Tile Cushion Cover, £19.99

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  1. What! I had no idea Zara even sold home stuff! Love ALL of these but particularly the zig zag one! xxx


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