Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mid-century furniture

Mid-century furniture is the height of interior design fashion. You may have noticed people like Essie Button and Zoella with this retro furniture in their backgrounds.

Teak is the colour of choice. If you type 'teak retro dressing table' into eBay – the first result you get is a dressing table almost exactly the same as the one in Zoella's background. 

This afternoon I visited my Grandparents' house and started to notice how much mid-century furniture they had. I pointed this out to my Granddad and he said 'Well yes, these are Ercol chairs'. Ercol is probably one of the most desirable retro brands. The company still exists and you can buy brand new furniture from them. John Lewis and Heals both stock the Ercol range.
And oh wow – I need this rocking chair. However at £790 – that is NEVER going to happen! 

So, I had a look on eBay. I found this one for £195. That's a saving of £595!

If you put Ercol into eBay you get well over 1,500 results. I have had a good browse online of many retro furniture dealers and still eBay is by far the cheapest place to buy these pieces. However do check carefully for all the correct markings and that they are not poor quality. Other brands include Eames and Herman Miller. eBay also do a great guide to buying mid-century furniture. So, go on, have a browse, see what takes your fancy, and do let me know if you buy any pieces, I would love to hear about them!

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