Sunday, 16 March 2014

Best of bathroom bins

The metal Ikea bin I have in my bathroom has started to rust, a lot. Therefore I thought why not combine my search for a new bathroom bin with a blog post. Initially I thought actually this might be really dull and why would anyone want to read about bins!? However the more I searched the more I found there are so many boring bathroom bins and it is quite hard to find nice ones. After researching and researching I realised that this blog post is actually very useful. I have found you the best bathroom bins on the internet. So please do let me know if you agree with me and whether or not this post is too dull! I am reaching 26 next month, is this a sign of my age?! Does anyone else care about bins?!

1. Parfumerie Pedal Bin by Dibor, Not on the high street, £39.95

2. Toujours Propre Retro Pedal Bin, The Holding Company, £15.95

3. Florence Collection Metal Bin, Dunelm Mill, £7.99

4. Dune Bathroom Bin, Sandstone, John Lewis, £30

5. Ash Dust Box, Muji, £24.95

6. Birillo Bathroom Waste Bin, Alessi, £48

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