Saturday, 8 February 2014

Homeware finds of the week – Über Chic

A screen shot of Jordan Cluroe's website.

These past few weeks I have been loving watching The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC Two. The series has finished now and the winner was Sarah Moore. Although her design skills were impeccable, I preferred the designs of the runner up, Jordan Cluroe. The rooms he created were über chic. It inspired me to have a look for some really high calibre products. I found Ferm Living and I have a feeling Jordan may have used some of their products on the show. I am so impressed by their range of chic homeware and beautiful prints. So, apologies, literally half of my list is from Ferm Living! Also another shout out to Temporary Secretary for introducing me to Flamingo Candles, they are so much more affordable than Jo Malone!

1. Flamant Home Interiors Dwade Nickle Round Clock, Amara.

2. Asian Pear & Plum Classic Square Jar Candle, Flamingo Candles.

3. Geometry Cup, Ferm Living

4. Terracotta Jug, Sue Pryke

5. Wine Bottle Candleholder, Ferm Living

6. Maya Poster, Ferm Living


  1. I love that round clock ! It reminds me of a big pocket watch !
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog :) - read the rules and let me know when you have posted your award ! //

    Megan xx


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