Monday, 13 January 2014

Tips for a healthy diet

This morning I noticed that all over the news people were talking about the obesity crisis and how the predictions for the future have been underestimated. As I can't do much to change this I thought I would share with you a few tips I use when trying to keep to a healthy diet. I wouldn't call these dieting tips, but just tips to keep healthy. If you are thinking of dieting do consult your doctor first.

#TIP 1
Try to cut down on what you drink as alcohol can have a high calorie count and confuse your blood sugar levels.

#TIP 2
When buying soft drinks try to buy water or squash that has the label 'no added sugar'. Drinks can be very high in sugar. Even better just have a glass of water with a slice of lemon or lime for flavour.

#TIP 3
If you have anything with pastry on just have the same but without, e.g. Chicken pie, just have chicken. Have a flavoured rice on the side to bulk out the meal.

#TIP 4
Try to eat broccoli with every other meal.

#TIP 5
Read the calorie count on products and make sure you remember to check how much of the product the calories are for, e.g. 240kcal for half the pack.

#TIP 6
Try replacing chocolate with sugar free sweets initially and then replace with yoghurt, nuts, seeds and fruits.

#TIP 7
If you find foods like cous cous or quinoa boring just add garlic, salt and pepper and herbs. Remember to flavour your food!

#TIP 8
If you are craving something sweet but aren't actually hungry – try a fruit tea – I am finding apple tea to taste a bit like apple sweets!

#TIP 9
Don't eat doughnuts – just forget about them, they are not worth it.

#TIP 10
Stop drinking coke – replace with fizzy water.

#TIP 11

Great savoury snacks are: salted almonds, breadsticks and toasted pumpkin seeds. Toast the pumpkin seeds in soy sauce to make them even more yummy!

#TIP 12
If you have a deep fat fryer, get rid of it!

#TIP 13
If you find it hard to not to buy biscuits or chocolate and eat the whole thing, just don't even go down that aisle. (If possible!)

#TIP 14
Try looking at the healthy food photos on instagram. For example

#TIP 15
Above all – make sure you walk to places as much as you can. Even if the bus comes just at that moment remember the walk can clear your head too. It is so important to give yourself thinking space.

#TIP 16
Make sure you don't go hungry though and keep to a healthy BMI.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained nutritionist and neither do I have any medical qualifications. These are just the things I try to remember when eating on a day-to-day basis. 


  1. Great tips. I like the idea of having a fruit drink in place of candy or something else. I try to eat broccoli with every meal if remember. And my favorite the never going shopping when your hungry. That's the worst.

  2. Thanks Brittany! Yes I should have added never go shopping when you're hungry, very very good advice.

  3. Hello!
    Great tips, especially like the walk as much as you can one.
    Thanks for sharing <3
    Betty x


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