Saturday, 25 January 2014

Homeware finds of the week – inspired by Whitney Port's home

Image from Domaine Home

So I've started to follow this website called 'Domaine'. It has so much interior design inspiration and it is a bit like Through the Keyhole, in the sense that it gives an insight into celebrity homes. This week I noticed that 'Domaine' had published an article on Whitney Port's home. It is unbelievably beautiful, I literally want everything in her home! Some of you may remember Whitney from The City, I was obsessed with that programme, and it is so nice to see Whitney is still as stylish as ever. Anyway, I had a look through the photos and realised that I had seen similar items to those in her home but cheaper, therefore I thought I had to share this with you all. Hope you like!

1. Celestial Coaster, Anthropologie. I have a confession to make. Despite saying in my last blog post that I wouldn't go to Anthropologie for fear of going in my overdraft, well I went. However I didn't spend a penny, but I did see these coasters, aren't they gorgeous!? I used to be completely obsessed with pieces of shiny rock – I even had a special collecting folder and magazine subscription. I think it was something like this: Ah, eighties kids!

2. Olive Wood Salad Servers, John Lewis. These are almost an exact match to the ones seen in Whitney's home, I love John Lewis, always great quality. 

3. Flamingo by Patrizio Belcampo, The Red Door Gallery. All I can say with this item is: WANT!

4. Blue Ceramic Urn Lamp, Fulham Interiors. Even though this item is still at the higher end of the price range, it is a lot cheaper than the one featured in Whitney's home and just as beautiful.

5. Pablo Glass Vase – Small, The White Company. This seems to be the background in every beauty YouTuber's video, white roses in a clear glass.

6. Indian Elephant Decorative Pillow, John Robshaw Textiles. This is the exact one in Whitney's house, very proud of myself for finding it! Not cheap though!

7. Moss-knit blanket, mustard yellow, H&M. Love the mustard colour of this blanket, such a thick knit, I expect it is very cosy, just what we need as summer doesn't seem to be coming any time soon!

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