Monday, 20 January 2014

Addicted to sugar

This post is partly a review of the recent Dispatches programme, 'Are You Addicted to Sugar?' and partly a post about how to cut down on sugar. At present I am seriously cutting down on my sugar intake as someone warned me I might be getting pre-diabetes. I had serious lows, for example feeling very light headed, and when I had a lot of sugar I became really hot and red in the face. I have found some further information on this online. However I cannot of course be 100% sure how reliable this information is, either way it is very interesting, if not a little worrying. So after all this you can appreciate how interested I was when I saw Channel 4 advertising this Dispatches investigation on sugar.

The programme starts with obese women, which I have to say is a bit misleading. I am not obese but still have an unhealthy addiction to sugar. It is a common misconception that only obese people get type 2 diabetes, not true, and there are many articles online supporting this, like this one:

The thing that I find really hard to work out is what the levels of sugar are in certain products, the Dispatches programme calls them 'hidden sugars'. For this reason I am trying to eat as much fresh produce as possible, e.g. this evening I had an omelette, roast potatoes and brocolli. I think that's ok! That's the problem, I just don't know! I don't even really know if sugar in fruit is ok, however I do know it is better for you than refined sugar. So if you are like me you might find the following links, some from the programme, useful.

Credit Suisse video

The World Health Organisation have been saying cut down on sugar since for a long time!

How much sugar is good for me?

Professor Robert Lustig's lecture 'Sugar: The Bitter Truth'.

Web MD, The Truth about Sugar Addiction

And remember the World Sugar Research Organisation is funded by the sugar producers!

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