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The tradespeople in the Kettle Chips advert

I LOVE the Kettle Chips advert, it reminds me of programmes like Kirsties' Homemade Home and it really celebrates all the different crafts and tradespeople. I love watching people make things as I am terrible at making things myself, as you have probably guessed from my basic Christmas tree topper post! Anyway, the advert does its primary job and advertises Kettle Chips, but I wanted to know more about the tradespeople in the advert. 

First of all, here is the advert:

I then went to Kettle Chips website and they had a list of all the people in the advert! Yey!

So I went and googled every one of them! Here's what I found. If it is underlined and in quote marks, it is directly from the Kettle Chips website.
"Blacksmith, Owen Bush and Steve Capper"
On Owen's website it details a number of TV projects he has been involved in. It also shows he runs a school of Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing. I've never heard of Bladesmithing before, apparently it is knife making. You learn something new every day! Also, love his motto: 'Forging Soul into Steel'. He has even made steel from iron and poo! Definitely worth looking up.

Next, Steve Capper: I can't find anything on him! Help!

"Knife Maker, Ben Edmonds"
Ben Edmonds is the creator of Blok knives and it is a beautiful website. Whoever created this website deserves a round of applause, it is just lovely. There is even an amazing blog on this website as well. There is a good interview with Ben Edmonds on the Make it British website where he says what is so brilliant about all these crafts and trades: 'each one is unique'. In doing this research I found the Make it British website, which also has a blog, a really good blog. Wish I'd found it a bit earlier for Christmas presents!

"Embroidery by Lou Gardiner, Lydia Higginson and Ellen Randall"
The sub-title to her website is 'contemporary embroidery'. It is exquisite. I particularly like her fizzing floral prints. 'Because I love you' is my favourite, and at £85 it is a very reasonable price for a limited edition piece.

Lydia Higginson: I can't find anything on her! Help!

Ellen Randall
I could only find a Facebook page for Ellen Randall, so please do let me know if she has a website and I will link it here. She has even done a Kettle Chips bag, love it. I also found an interview with her on Crafty Magazine, where she says what a fan she is of Lou Gardiner! 

"Table by Joc Hare and Katia Giordinella"
Joc Hare:
Joc Hare is a sculptor who works with wood, in particular forestry and tree surgery waste. He has done some fascinating commissions, such as 'Clovertree'.

I wonder if the Kettle Chips website have spelt her name wrong and it is Katia Giordanella (not sure though), help! If it is then this is the only website I found:

Not sure how current this website is as it says she is looking for work, if she is, this is awful as she is so talented! Look at her origami! I mean, come on, it's incredible!

"Benches by Daniel Roker and Ben Ambler"
I'm guessing this is Daniel Roker
There is not much on here about his sculpting skills but there are some photographs of benches he has crafted and he has even carved a piece of wood into an owl.

Ben Ambler: I can't find anything on him! Help!

"Stone mason Annet Stirling"
Annet Stirling has a company called 'Incisive Letterwork' that focuses on large scale architectural inscriptions and word sculpture. One of the most interesting things I read on her website was that in 1996 both her and her business partner were awarded a Churchill Fellowship and travelled around Italy studying marble and Roman and Renaissance inscriptions. Sounds lovely! She also has a video on her website, take a look.

"Wire Sculpting by Emma Stothard and Tom Durrant"
Emma Stothard:
Stothard is a willow sculptor. She also runs a restaurant with her husband called 'Green's of Whitby'. The best story that I read on her website was that she personally presented a large scale sculpture to Prince Charles of his Jack Russell dog 'Tigga'!! I also found an interview with her on York Press.

Tom Durrant: I can't find anything on him! Help!

"Glass Blowers KT Yun and Theo Brooks"
Theo Brooks:
He is a glass designer who is working with other glass designers in London. There are lots of photos of his beautifully blown glass on his website. There are also some good photos of the process of designing and blowing glass, very interesting.

KT Yun:
Honestly, go to the gallery on this website and you will be blown away, this lady has unbelievable skill.

At the end of the day, always try and support this brilliant people and local crafts and trades in your area. There is so much skill and love involved in creating these fantastic items that will last you much longer than something produced in a huge lifeless factory.

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