Monday, 16 December 2013

Ten cities I would consider living

I live in London, the city where the catch phrase is "tired of London, tired of life". I'm not tired of life, but I am getting a bit tired of London, well I say that, but what I really mean is the crowds and the commute. There are only so many times that you can say to someone "don't worry that you are crushing me and completely in my personal space". 

As my friends, family and work are all in London, there is very little chance of me moving out of London, but I thought I would just make a list of cities I see as real alternatives to London. These are cities that have a good amount of culture and cool factor. These are also cities that I have been to on holiday and have felt the buzz and would genuinely consider living in. I have added my highlights to each.

1. Brighton, UK

2. New York, USA

3. Stockholm, Sweden

4. Berlin, Germany

9. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

10. Manchester, UK
This is where I went to University, so I don't actually have any location photos of Manchester. This is probably the closest to a location photo I have.

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